WRSC:: Election Day 2015 Official Results

Election Day 2015 Official Results:: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

On Thursday April 9, 2015, 305 students at Woodland voted in the annual Election Day.

The following are the results of the election:

Student Body Executive Cabinet
Student Body President: Mary Vlamis

Student Body Vice President: Noelle Geurrera

Treasury Secretary: Anaga Dinesh


Class of 2016

President: Bianca Poehailos

Vice President: Adrianna Della Valle

Treasurer: Carla Piccolo

Secretary: Julia Smith

Historian: Open

Student Senators:

Gregory Fagan

Julia Lavernoich


Class of 2017

President: Alyssa Varesio

Vice President: McKenna Cronin

Treasurer: Lindsey Gabianelli

Secretary: Samantha Lacey

Historian: Caitlyn Donegan

Student Senators:

2 YR

Krista Detulio

Christopher Lauck

Meredith Dyckman

Katie Minutillo

Taylor Amore


Olivia Rua

Sabina Kica


Class of 2018

President: Kyla Drewry

Vice President: Shealyn Rodorigo

Treasurer: Kelmend Packu

Secretary: Caitlyn Martin

Historian: Rose reynolds

Student Senators:

Kaylee Walsh

Maeve Kennelly

Anna Witkowski

Morgan Stockheimer