Election Connection: Meet Your School Wide Officer Candidates

Noelle Guerrera – Running for Student Body Vice President 

1. I am running for Student Body Vice President because I want to make a positive change within the school, be able to directly help unify the students, and continue to help run the Student Government events.

2. I am highly qualified for this position because, in 8th grade, I was President of the Student Council and would run events and lead the members. Also, this past year, I have been Recording Secretary for our Student Government, where I have contributed to planning and running many events.

3. If  I win, my goals are to unite the school and the Student Body through making sure our Student Government events are at the highest quality they can be. I also want to work with all the class officers, clubs, and sports teams to help unify all the extracurricular activities and see where each can strengthen their leadership from within.

4. Besides Student Government, I am also involved in Volleyball.

5. Fun fact: My favorite skittle is the red one!

Chris Lauck- Running for Student Body Vice President 

1. I’m basically running for Student Body VP in order to create unity within the student body. I want to be able to make an impact on the student body. I want to help the student body any way I can and I hope to be a “face” of student council to non-student-council members.

2. If I win, my goals will be bringing the student body together as a whole, which is what the VP does. They focus on the student body and how we can help them, especially class officers. I plan on bringing back the “Presidents’ Club,” which is a club where I can see what the presidents of each class can inform me on events they are running and I want to be able to help them anyway I can.

3. I believe I am qualified for this position because I have been in student council for the past two years. I am highly involved because I attended the nationwide student council conference in Florida last year and I attended the state conference for Connecticut, so I have gathered skills from these conferences such as better public speaking and helping to reach out to the student body. I am also qualified because I was the Class of 2017 vp freshman year and I understand what it takes to be a leader and how to help others.

4. I am involved in Student Council, Quiz Bowl, and am a member on the JV baseball team.

5. Fun Fact about myself: I have been to all 48 continental states.

Mary Vlamis- Running for Student Body President 

1) I am running because I love Woodland. We are so fortunate to go to school with so many resources and such a skilled faculty, and I want to enhance the high school experience even more for the student body. As studeimage1nt body president, I have the ability to introduce more events and speak on behalf of the student body when student affairs comes into the spotlight. I enjoy having this responsibility and loved being in the position this year, so I am running again.

2) I have always been viewed as a leader among my peers and I am recognized as being an honest and responsible student by the faculty. So, in the eyes of the school, I have the qualities necessary for running. Additionally, I was Speaker of the Senate my sophomore year, making me third in line for power as a sophomore and this year I was Student Body President as a junior. My record shows I am highly capable of leading the student government, seeing as both years we achieved national recognition, and have set even higher standards for ourselves. I am also very enthusiastic about student government, making me even more qualified for this position. It is important to have a passion for everything you do.

3) If I win re-election, I have a few plans in store. I have already presented the Senate with a rough draft of my plan for the first semester of next year and we are all ready getting excited about it! I can not reveal much, but there are some new twists that I know students will love. Additionally, this being my second term, I plan to focus more on getting things done rather than perfecting my role. I want to be a stronger voice for the student body next year. I am here to serve the students, and I am eager to do so now that I have a successful year under my belt.
4) In addition to student government, I am a varsity dancer, a member of Model UN, a member of the World Language Honor Society, a party host at Andie’s Bounce Barn, a reader at St. Anthony’s church, and a high honors student.

5) A fun fact about me is that my favorite animal is a sea turtle. I am in awe of how old and majestic they are and I am envious of how relaxed they always seem.