Never Waste Away a Snow Day Again

It’s 5:33 am when you wake up to the sound of a notification. You read on your phone that school has been canceled. You happily shut off all five of your alarms, and go back to bed with the great pleasure of waking up at your time of choice.
In the winter, Region 16 encounters school cancelations every week. When you are trapped inside your house, boredom may cross your path. What’s the best way to spend a snow day?
Kids usually like to spend their whole day sitting on the couch with their phone in their hands and a bag of chips by their side. Others spend it binge watching their favorite Netflix show, dreading the thought of pausing their show to shovel the sidewalk.
Some productive ways to spend your snow day without staring at a screen for hours, is to take advantage of the free day. You can catch up on school work, do the homework you were planning to get a zero on, or study for the five-page test you’ve been avoiding for weeks.
Other than focusing only on school work, you can make the most of the snow day. Bundle up, put on four layers of oversized sweatshirts and jump in the snow. Invite your friends over, have a snow fight and build a snowman.
There are many things to do inside your home if you despise the cold. You can bake cookies or cook a late-lunch for yourself, do arts and crafts or simply take the time to clean and organize your room. But whatever you do, do not let the boredom cross your path again on another snow day.