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Senior Project Spotlight: Golf Ramia 2.0

Senior projects are frequently used to improve the community, express the student conducting it, or honor something the student feels strongly for. Heather Eustace, a senior at Woodland Regional, has found a way to combine all of these in her senior project, Golf Ramia 2.0.

On April 11th, Eustace will be hosting a mini-golf tournament at the Prospect Mini Gold course in memory of her brother, Ryan Eustace, who passed away in 2010. This may sound familiar since Eustace held the first Golf Ramia five years ago.

“I started Golf Ramia right after it happened,” explains Eustace. “He used to play golf at Woodland, and I thought it was a perfect way to get people involved and honor him.”

The first tournament was a great success, raising around eleven hundred dollars. Eustace hopes the second will be just as successful.

Tickets to participate in the tournament cost five dollars and following the tournament, a reception will be held at Quench for participants. The reception will cost an additional five dollars but will include a pasta dinner, gift baskets for raffle, and a video in memory of Ryan.

Eustace explains that it is important for people to remember why they are there.

“Students in my class are around the age he was when he passed. He never got his senior year, and it’s a good way to have a memorial for him,” shares Eustace.

Eustace also wanted to give back to her own class while honoring her brother. All proceeds from the night will be put towards the Ryan Eustace Scholarship. This will be given to a student going into a science field and with a ninety-two QPA. To qualify for the scholarship, students must also write an essay, and Eustace and her family will choose the recipient.

Eustace has also been selling t-shirts with the “Golf Ramia 2.0” title plastered on the front.

Eustace’s family and friends are huge supporters of the project. Baskets have been donated to Eustace to be raffled at her reception and everyone is doing everything they can to help.

Separately, the tournament and reception are five dollars each, but Eustace has created a combined ticket for eight dollars.

Whether you want to honor Ryan Eustace, support Heather Eustace, or simply enjoy mini-golf, join her April 11th at the Prospect Mini-Golf Course.

“I’m hoping people will come together for this. It should be a realization that you should really hold your family close,” explains Eustace. “You’ll always have your family.”

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