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“Empty Bowls” Coming To Woodland

The Empty Bowls Project fights back against world hunger. Potters and members of the community make bowls out of clay, and they are fired in a kiln oven. Guests are asked to come to a certain place for the event, and they are served soup and bread in the bowls,  which are delicately handmade and designed. In exchange for the bowl, the guests pay a small amount of money which is donated to local shelters. These bowls are taken home with the person to represent all of the people who do not eat each day or night. So, in Woodland Regional High School, a student named Heidi Shlupp  made it her mission, and senior project, to help out in her community with the empty bowls project.
Mrs. Seagren, art teacher at Woodland, is a key in this project because she asked her students to help create and design all of the bowls. Their goal is to have at least one hundred bowls by March, but Mrs. Seagren and the students are unsure about that number. She and Heidi have asked art classes to help make the bowls, which is a long process.  The process isn’t the easiest, first the bowls are spun on the wheel, then they are fired, then glazed, and they are trimmed. Just one molecule of water in the bowl while in the kiln can make the bowl explode, and shatter the other bowls in the oven, too.It is a month long process to make a 1-2 dozen bowls.

After making so many, clay needs to be re-stocked, and sometimes the glaze covering too. Despite the small setbacks, students and Mrs. Seagren have created and designed many bowls

“It’s really all about what about our students CAN do, because this is what they could do,” said Seagren.

Honor society is planned to pair with the art classes to achieve a successful dinner. The committee’s job in charge of this project is to advertise and serve the soup. Ms. Pells, National Honor Society adviser, has her NHS students calling colleges and local high schools asking for potters who can donate bowls too. Ms. Pells brought the idea to the art department after going to several other dinners.

“Empty Bowls is a wonderful community event and gets lots of groups and different types of people involved,” said Pells.
Chef Hines, culinary teacher at WRHS, will donate the soup for the event. Her students in culinary class will make the soup and bread, and donate it to the honor society for them to serve the night of the event.
The event will take place in the school’s cafeteria and the whole meal will only cost ten dollars. Students and teachers hope to see a lot of people come to the event because of all of the hard work they contributed.

“For just ten dollars, you get a gorgeous work of art, dinner, and satisfaction of helping others,” said Pells.

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