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Drama Club Presents: Dracula (Dracula Comes to Woodland)

Black cape draped across his back. Skin as white as snow. Eyes, cold as ice. Dracula.

An eerie feel crept the packed auditorium as the lights dimmed and the crowd anticipated the December 5th premiere of Woodland Drama Club’s “Dracula,” the blood-sucking beast brought to life by Robert Wiener. His cold glare sent chills around the room, and he crept across the stage like a true predator, stalking his prey.

Dracula snares another victim in Woodland Theater’s Production of “Dracula”

“The thing that surprised me was that I was the only one auditioning for Dracula. Because of my past roles, such as Danny Zuko in “Grease” and Papa Ge in “Once On This Island”, I guess you can say I was made for the role,” said Wiener.

The actors did a phenomenal job of showcasing the story and bringing it to life through fear and mystery.

Lily Fontaine, who played Lucy, portrayed the perfect damsel in distress and took the audience on a journey of desire and fear as she fell under the twisted spell of Dracula. As Fontaine lay, weak and vulnerable on the couch center stage, a single spotlight strikes a cape. Dracula manipulates Lucy into loving and serving his every wish.


“I guess you can say I was made for the role.”

— Robert Wiener


Jonathan Harker, played by Charles Bethin, shook terror through the crowd as Dracula choked the life from him. Bethin made the audience believe he was a man who had lost control of himself and his sanity, and was under the power of Dracula. He was ripped across the stage by the power of the villain, and proved he was truly under the control of Dracula.

The play, chosen by Mrs. Cinoman, the director of the show, was something new and different for all of the actors.

“When I first learned we were to be doing Dracula, I was a little taken back. It was completely unlike anything we have done in the past. I was excited to try something different, ” explains Bethin.

In past years, Woodland’s Drama Department has performed “Grease”, “Little Shop of Horrors“, and “Once on This Island.” None have had this amount of drama, terror and intensity mixed into one incredible show. Although amazing work like this doesn’t come easy.  This cast brought a show like Woodland has never seen before. Between the sound, lighting, and astounding talent of each actor, the show put the audience through a fantastic journey of mystery and wonder. This cast will continue to dazzle the stage with their abundance of energy and talent.

To put together a spectacular performance, the cast had rehearsal nearly five days a week and each individual studied and researched their role to embody their character perfectly, some even mastering different accents.  Through the day to day work, the cast have created some great friendships.

“Words can not describe how much I will miss this cast. The cast and crew are my second family, and we worked so hard to make this production possible,” said Wiener.  “I am so lucky to spend my senior year such an amazing group of people.”


Charles Bethin,
Robert Wiener,
Lily Fontaine,
Stephanie Simons,
Marie McVeigh,
Katie Steinbacher,
Kiley Soulier,
Andreea Lonescu,
Kyra Conroy

For a very talented–and large portion–of the cast, this will be last acting experience for them on the Woodland stage this year.  Luckily if you happen to miss them in “Dracula”, the cast will be together one last time to preform their annual spring musical and will showcase the same talent they did through this performance.

“I am so proud of this cast, ” comments Katie Steinbacher, whom played the role of Mina Harker. “Every show we come together to be one big family, and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing production.”

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