Woodland Takes on Powder Puff

Upon walking up to the football field on Thursday, November20th, you see the coaches, you see the jerseys, but when you look a little closer, you notice they are not your typical football players; they are girls.

Boys and girls traded places at Woodland Regional High School’s annual Powder Puff game.

The junior and senior girls got to experience a Woodland football game first hand.

Amina Halim, a member of the winning team, Powder Black, found it interesting to see what the football players go through week to week.

“It was different because we got to experience what the football players usually do, and as a girl you don’t really get to experience that a lot.”

They girls even learned a few plays in practice.

Adrianna Dellavalle, one of Powder white’s quarterbacks, said “it was hard to hand off the ball in the right spot.”

They were also faced with very cold temperatures, but that did not stop them from learning what they could in practice.

“It was really cold out, but we mostly worked on three or four plays,” said Ava Capuano, a member of Powder Black.

In the end  the Black team, coached by Mike Magas and CJ Moran, defeated the white team, coached by Chris Anderson and Coach Shea, 21-7

It was not just the girls who got to experience something new, either. The boys of Woodland learned cheers and stunts to perform at the game as well.

Junior cheerleader Brandon Clifford had a newfound respect for the cheerleaders after that night.

“When doing the stunts and doing everything the cheerleaders do, it really is difficult and you can see that it is a challenge,” said Clifford.

Nick Coello, senior cheerleader was forced to trust his team members as he was thrown into the air as a flyer.

“I did take a pretty hard fall, but other than that it was fun,” said Coello.