Saying Goodbye to Our Seniors

Remember the first day of high school. You were a freshman who was scared of the upperclassmen. You didn’t know how to get to classes. You got up with your best friend to go throw away your lunch because you were scared of getting up by yourself. When you were walking just by yourself it was the most awkward thing in the world. When you walked into advisory and thought to yourself, “ I’m not going to become close with any of these kids by senior year.” As a freshman all you wanted to do was be a senior.
Now it’s senior year.
You went to your last homecoming and prom with your best friends. You presented your senior project with your advisory, and it just so happens that you got very close with all of them. Some becoming  your best friends that you never even thought of talking to.
When you finally notice that you are graduating it hits you like a bullet. You have known every single one of these kids in your class since kindergarten. You are graduating in front of these kids that you have known almost your whole life. You are graduating in front of the teachers who made you who you are today. You are graduating in front of your parents who have never left your side since day 1 and you will be leaving them in August to head to college the place that you always wanted to get to.
As much as you want to head off to college and start a new chapter in your life ,just think about it. You will not be able to just show up for a test without studying for it, you will not be able to skip school because you can, you will not have your parents by your side making you dinner every night.
High school is a place where you make some of the best memories with the best people.
So remember freshman year when you wanted to be a senior? Now you would do anything to go back.
Best of Luck to the Class of 2014!!!