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No Faults in “The Fault in Our Stars”

Sobbing was all that could be heard throughout Seymour Cinemas as students watch the twisted love story of two cancer-stricken teens. Eighty-five of Woodland’s students and teachers experienced the humor and tragedy of a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale, The Fault in our Stars.

The movie, based on the John Green novel of the same title, centers around two teens bound by similar woes and fated for oblivion.  While the movie touched hearts and brought the story to the screen, it was the novel that sparked some people’s love for reading.

“We’re trying to develop a culture of literacy and reading,” said Joelle Kilcourse, Woodland English teacher and reading aficionado.  “I think “The Fault in Our Stars” is one of those books that gets kids excited about reading again.”

Kilcourse organized the event after she read the novel to her sophomore classes who also saw previews for the film and were dying to see it. She mainly worked by word-of-mouth, teachers, and social media sites to provide Woodland with a private showing before the cinema was open for public viewing.

The tragic yet beautiful love story portrayed in Green’s bestseller brings not only tears to the eyes but hope to the heart as the two hour journey swings between love and loss. The quirky, humorous 16 year old Hazel Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) was diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer. She unwillingly is put in support group where she meets two people who will change her life forever, Issac (Nat Wolff) Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). Hazel soon finds herself falling in love with the charming Augustus who is 18 and has osteosarcoma.

Although a story about cancer, “The Fault in Our Stars” is not a merely about cancer but love in its purest form. Green portrays perspectives on life that captivates readers and truly makes the book something special.  And that portrayal resonates on the big screen as well.

More than just a chick flick about cancer, The Fault in Our Stars will touch hearts and teach never
take anything for granted because no one ever knows what the future holds.



Photo credit James Amato


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