Earth Day

Being a mother is hard work and sometimes mothers need help. Earth day is a day where we help Mother Nature. Spring Cleaning does not only refer to cleaning the house but also to cleaning the earth. For 364 days a year people take from mother nature, but earth day is the one day a year we give back a little of what we have taken.

The Student Council at Woodland Regional have in past years taken part in Earth day by going to Mathies Park and cleaning up the litter accumulated over the year. The students also take time spreading mulch over the dirt areas to make it cleaner and safer.  Cleaning up the park has become a tradition for the student council over the years.

This year unfortunately the student council will not be hosting its annual clean up day. Due to so many after school activities the clean up day has taken a backseat this year. It was upsetting that the student council had to cancel this event because they had planned on having a guest speaker come and talk about the ecosystem and the environment. “Not enough people could show up to the event this year because of other afterschool activities including an Honor Society meeting and a Foreign Language Honor Society Rehearsal,” stated senator Salma Shitia.

Even though it was hard to cancel this event the student council members are hoping to rekindle the tradition of cleaning up Mathies Park next year.

The earth put up with society and environmental shifts and all the earth requests in return is a day dedicated to keeping mother earth clean.