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Spring Pep Rally Unites Students

Black and Gold! Go Hawks Go! Juniors and seniors at Woodland Regional High School will be dressing up in black and gold for the first spring pep rally since Woodland was opened in 2001.

For several years, students have yearned to have a spring pep rally to celebrate the winter and spring sports and this year their wish is finally coming true. Thanks to Lauren Tompkins, Woodland senior, that dream is being fulfilled. Tompkins knows how it feels to be unrecognized for all of her hard work, as she swims on the boys’ swim team during the winter and plays on the girls’ tennis team during the spring.

The idea for spring pep rally came about when Tompkins realized that the spring and winter sports do not get any recognition for all of their hard work.

“[Spring and winter] sports that go undefeated never get recognized because we don’t have a spring pep rally to tell everybody about it,” said Tompkins.

The hope for this event is to unite the sports teams and to show the accomplishments of other seasonal sports, not just fall.

The spring pep rally, like the fall sports rally will follow a similar schedule. Teams will be introduced, captains will talk, and the team with the best record of accomplishment will go last. There will also be a tug-of-war competition, a hula-hoop competition and a volleyball carrying competition. The volleyball competition is when students will race across the gym carrying as many volleyballs as they can hold as fast as the can. Whoever comes back with the most volleyballs wins the race. The event will end with the crowd favorite, the traditional screaming competition.

Several juniors, including Amina Halim, are excited to be a part of this event.

“I’m most excited for the fact that juniors have a real shot of winning the pep rally against the seniors,” said Halim. “If we see our chance, we’re going to take it.”

This is the final pep rally for the 2014 seniors.

“We want to go out with a bang,” said Tompkins.

The hope is for this pep rally is for it to be successful and possibly become an annual event.

“If this actually works out, we might be able to carry on the tradition so we will be remembered,” said junior, Jocelyn Lugo.

The event will take place on Friday April, 11th at the end of the day during advisory and everyone is encouraged to wear black and gold to show some hawk pride.

“I hope everyone goes all out like usual pep rally wearing black and gold and that everybody has a positive thing to say about it,” said Tompkins.

Good luck to both classes and may the best class win!

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