Odyssey Ware Program Use

Students who may have difficulties fulfilling traditional graduation requirements now have the opportunity to participate in a non-traditional school model.

Odyssey Ware, an online program introduced last year as a part of the alternative education program, helps students in the four core subjects: Math, Science, History, and English. The goal of this virtual school is to aid students in meeting all of the requirements needed to earn their diploma.

Students using Odyssey Ware can take online lessons with their teachers and complete assessments throughout the program to track their progress. If a student is struggling in several classes, teachers are available for assistance after school. When a student successfully completes all courses, they may be eligible to graduate on time with their class.

However, the program is not just about taking classes. While students must reach the required 25 credits to graduate, they are also responsible for other obligations. Kids using Odyssey Ware are expected to complete all graduation requirements including 40 hours of community service and a senior project.

For the present, Odyssey Ware is used exclusively for students in the after school alternative education program; however, plans to implement the software more widely are being discussed.