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Erin’s Closet: Spring Essentials

Spring is truly just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. Some are ready for baseball season, some just want the warmer weather, what I really can’t wait for is the spring fashion.

The beginning of spring is still pretty cold, especially those early morning waiting for the bus or driving into school. Light weight sweaters, like this orange J.Crew lightweight cashmere sweater, are perfect to keep you warm, but not too hot.

From the beach to class, sandals are probably the most universal shoe in spring and summer. They are easy to just slide right on and there is a pair to go with every outfit. My favorite this season are these Tory Burch patent leather Miller sandals. This neutral tone can easily be worn with anything, making them practical in your closet.

Floral is typically the most popular print in spring for obvious reasons. Instead of going with the mainstream floral printed sundress or top, go for a floral printed shoe and pastel pant. This keeps your outfit subtle, but the shoe really stands out against a solid bottom. These water colored floral print Tory Burch flats would go perfectly with pink pastel khakis and white or gold toned blouse.

Black, navy and gray pea coats are overpopulated in the fall and winter. Spring is all about color and what better way to add color than a brightly colored pea coat. Marc Jacobs created this beautiful coral wool pea coat that can also keep you warm on cold mornings, but you won’t be wearing it all day, so you don’t need to worry about getting hot. The coral color is also very popular this season as it was last year.

If you don’t own a pair of boat shoes you need to go buy a pair right now. Just like sandals, boat shoes are a super casual way to add something to your outfit. Instead of simple sandals, put on boat shoes to make your outfit have a more nautical feel. These comfortable and colorful Sperry’s will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Put away the denim and pick up the chinos. Denim shorts start to look trashy if not worn correctly by anyone over the age of twelve. Chinos are your best bet to stay covered and still look cute. J.Crew makes the best chinos by far, coming in varieties of prints and colors to go with every outfit.

April showers bring Hunter boots…or something like that. Hunter Wellies are British rain boots that could not get any cuter. Ranging from short to tall, and every color on the spectrum, you can find your perfect pair. Paired simply with pants or a skirt, Hunters can be dressed up or down.

Statement pieces are great, but they are even better when they’re in spring colors. This coral necklace literally looks like something you would find on a mermaid, hence why it is called the mermaid necklace. Any statement necklace looks great paired with a sundress or blouse. It can really add to the outfit.

Bad hair day? Don’t want to get sunburn? Put on a baseball cap. My personal favorite is Vineyard Vines or Black Dog because they are simple with their logos printed on them. They come in every color imaginable. So if you’re just sitting on the beach or having a bad hair day, make sure you have your baseball cap on.

Last year J.Crew designed pineapples on them and now we’re putting tennis racquets on them. Printed button ups look adorable tucked into simple circle skirts or your favorite pair of chinos. The prints on them give your outfit a simple theme that you can really design a full outfit around very easily.

Whether your pulling your boat shoes out from the back of your closet, or putting your pastels in the front of your closet, spring is almost here and I cannot wait for that first warm day!

Spring Essentials

$530 –

Hunter tall rubber boots
$67 –

Rainbow hat

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