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Magas Moves In

The Woodland Boys’ Tennis team is heading into a new era–the Magas era. For the first time since 2011, Michael Magas, business teacher at Woodland, is wielding his racket to coach  these athletes for a shot at the title.

Magas has previously coached the Girls’ Tennis team at Woodland and has also coached at Thomaston High School. In 2010, Magas led the Girls’ Tennis team to win the Brass Division Championship and the Naugatuck Valley League Championship. He is very confident in his coaching skills. He believes that the athletes are going to be a pleasure to work with, even though it is going to be a different experience for him.

“I have no idea how the season will turn out,” said Magas. “It’s all new to me.”

Former tennis coach, Jim Amato, has passed on the reins to Magas. Amato’s reasons for leaving are strictly personal; he wants to spend more time with his family as his eldest son is graduating  high school this 2014 school year. He believes that Magas is more than ready to take on his new coaching responsibility.

“I am excited to teach the kids how to play the game and see them improve day to day,” said Magas.

Several of the athletes are excited for the change as well.

“I had a great experience last year with Coach Amato and I know Coach Magas will be able to continue that legacy,” said Senior Tennis player, Dan Johnson

The school hopes that the tennis team will tennis team will have a good season and a successful start to this new chapter in Woodland history.

“I think the team is going to be incredibly successful,” said Amato. Amato and Magas have previously worked together. “He has that same kind of notoriety,” said Amato. “And he loves tennis.”

Magas’ former tennis coaching experience has made him the perfect candidate for the coaching position and everyone is anxiously awaiting the debut of the Boys’ Tennis team with their new coach this upcoming season.

“I know that my team is in good hands ,” said Johnson. “[Mr. Magas] will be an intelligent and caring coach.”

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