Boys’ Basketball Shooting for Success

Throughout any sports season there is usually two or three big hurdles a team has to overcome in order to get to where they want to be.

For the Woodland Hawks Boys’ Basketball Team, the first hurdle they overcame arose on Friday, January 24th. The Hawks played the only undefeated team in the Brass division,St. Paul, and to the Hawks advantage the game ended with a 49-41 win that night.

So far the boys have had an interesting season, and as of February 4th the team has a 4-9 overall record, but a 4-2 record in the NVL Brass division. In order for the team to make it to the NVL Championships, they will most likely have to win the Brass division and then will move into the playoffs.

A big part of the team throughout the second half of the season has been senior, Shane Classey. Classey returned to the court about half way through the season after six months of dealing an ACL injury, and  in January was finally cleared to play.

Although he has only been on the court for a short time this season, Classey has shown a lot of leadership and is playing 100% at the defense position. While Classey is busy playing defense, fellow senior Tanner Kingsley has been busy racking up the points. Kingsley has been the leading point scorer in every game with more than twenty points scored each game for the Hawks. Kingsley is a star player on the team and has received much publicity and media over the course of his now three and a half years now at Woodland Regional High School.

With strong players on the court the boys continue to fight for their wins. As they come into a big week, the Hawks will continue to play their best as they take on Ansonia at Ansonia on Friday, February 7th. Following that will be a home game on the Hawk’s court against Watertown on the 11th.