Ready For Their Close-Up

For six years now, the Digital Media department has wanted a new video and audio recording studio. Now, they’re finally going to get it and teacher, Ralph Riello has big plans for their new work space.

“The intention is for it to be a production studio,” said Riello.

The studio will be used for classes and academic work. Also, the students in  afternoon Hawk Productions will use it to make films. Riello hopes to install a lighting grid, a secluded control room, and a voice over room to help improve productions.

“When we get it all worked out, we will be able to provide production services to not only other departments but to the community, “said Riello.

The studio will not just make life in the Digital Media electives more interesting, but also more professional.

Riello and his students are working hard to make the transition from suite 602 to room 217. Both Riello and his students have to transport all of the equipment into their new space.

The Digital Media department will use this new space to compete in the upcoming 84 hour film challenge.  The group is experienced in this competition as they have competed in both the CT Student Expo and the CT Film Festival.  In the past, the group has won the “Audience Choice” award two years in a row and hopes to defend their title in this new year.  Hawk Productions has also previously won “Best Documentary”.

Now only will the students be working on their 84 hour film challenge in their new studio, but this studio is also going to help the DM department give Woodland “a little surprise during advisory period,” said Riello.

The studio is said to be ready for the start of the second semester. And all of Woodland is waiting patiently to see what the Digital Media members have in store.