Game of the Week

Only a week into publicly establishing themselves, Woodland’s new student section is being tested. November 8th 2013 Woodland’s student section was covered by Sportz Edge, where they began calling the student section “The Woods.” The student section pumps their team up on the field by yelling and cheering, just like cheerleaders would. The student section helped the team to their 8-1 record and now they are going to help them again.

NBC’s game of the week is featuring four games, Woodland vs. Derby happens to be one of those teams. If ever the football team needed the Woods’ help, it is now.

NBC Connecticut is allowing people to vote for which game they think is the most worthy of seeing this friday night. People are allowed to vote once a day, what better way to prove their dedication than for the student section to put their team at the top every way they can?
Welcome to the Woods, vote now for a chance to call friday night’s game, game of the week.