Unified Sports

Swish! Basketball fans, familiar with that sound now have another team for which to root, the unified sports team. The unified sports team at Woodland plays basketball and track during the year to have fun and learn something new.

Unified sports pairs students with disabilities with other students in the school and opens up playing sports to people who might never otherwise play sports.

The unified sports team started when George Meyers, unified sports coach was told about the program.

“I jumped at the opportunity,” said Meyers.

Unified sports team is like any other sport; they play other schools, learn the rules of the game, and make new friends. One thing that differs is that the rules are modified. Playing by the rules depends on the comprehension ability of the players. If a student does not understand the concept of dribbling then that is ok. But, if they understand the concepts then they are encouraged to play by the rules.

“The only rule is to have fun,” said Coach Meyers.

These students sometimes do not have many opportunities to feel like a normal student. The unified sports program makes these athletes feel like they are apart of something.

“Everyone has strengths and weaknesses,” stated coach Meyers. “We look to the strengths.”