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Yoga: Relaxation or Distraction

Although we have not seen any downward facing dogs, flaming dragons, or rising warriors in the halls of Woodland, the ancient art of relaxation, yoga, has made its impact all the same. Lately yoga pants have become popular dress especially for teenage girls.  The yoga pants are a preferred option because they are comfortable and form fitting but that is also the problem.

Common characteristics of the yoga pants include being flexible and easy to move in, as well as form fitting. Yoga pants were originally made specifically for yoga and for other forms of exercise; however, the problem that has arisen is that teenagers are wearing these pants to school, not for working out.  These pants are not designed to be inappropriate,, but lately have been gaining the attention of many school districts including Meriden.

The pants are from fitting around the bottom region and are drawing attention to that area. Many schools call these pants a “distraction” especially to teenage boys. “Students are expected to wear attire that is not disruptive to the education process,” stated the dress code of Meriden Public Schools.

Woodland Regional High School’s assistant principal, Dr. Dana Mulligan is relying on students’ own ideas of what is appropriate.

“As of now we do not have a dress code against the yoga pants and do not plan to make a dress code against the yoga pants,” stated Mullgian. “I am hoping that students know what is appropriate and not.”

It is preferred that female students wearing the yoga pants also wear a long enough shirt to cover the bottom region, as to not attract attention.

Although some parents say that these pants are not appropriate to wear to school, many argue that girls could be wearing clothes much more inappropriate. Principal Kurt Ogren agreed.

“These yoga bottoms are preferred to short skirts and other short bottoms,” noted Ogren.

The appropriateness of yoga pants is open to interpretation. It is hard for the teachers and administrators to uphold the rules on yogas because even though one teacher might believe them to be inappropriate another might deem them as just fine.

As of right now yoga pants are not against the dress code at Woodland Regional High School and are not going to be against the dress code.

“I feel that most girls wear them appropriately,” Mulligan stated. “And as long as that remains the same, girls will be allowed to wear them.”



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