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Visual Literature’s Classic Short Story Film Adaptations

Students in Mr. Geary’s second semester English class, Visual Literature, were asked to adapt a short story from any of Woodland’s four year English curriculum into a short film. Here are the results of the first year of this project.

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 The Canterbury Tales

Produced by Bomb Productions (Luis Hohl, Sean Meany and Collin O’Hara), this film is an adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th century collection of tales of the same name. Set in a modern high school, three high school students trade tales of their mischief as they make their “pilgrimage” to see their principal, Dr. Canterbury.

The Tell-Tale Heart

Produced by StoweCo Productions (Rachel Murphy, Whitney Stowe, Alleyah Trotman and Chelsea Williams), this film is an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale. Driven mad with envy, a young woman murders her former friend. Guilt, and a gruesome clue left behind, spur her to make a fevered confession!

The End of Something

Produced by Long Day Productions (Nick Brown, Brooke Leshin, Brian Reis and Kim Thrasher), this film is an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s classic short story. In this modern re-telling, a young couple finds that even the bucolic peacefulness of Mattheis Pond can’t save their broken relationship.

The Yellow Wallpaper

Produced by Do You Even Lift? Productions (Joe Masulli and Josh Muniz), this film is an adaption of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s early feminist short. This bold retelling focuses on one young man driven mad in the weight room.

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