Region 16 School Climate Survey

On June 10th the Region 16 website published a link to a School Climate Survey. The reason for this link being published was in order to help Region 16 in improving the school in order to make both parents and students happier.

The survey focuses on the curriculum of the school, the safety of the students, and the relationship between the school staff and the students and their families. All of these, which can only be known if parents complete the survey according to what they think.

According the surgery Region 16 will use the information gathered in order to develop important leadership goals and establish targets for improvement. The purpose of the survey is in order for the district to gain a better knowledge about how parents and students alike feel about the different schools in the region.

Parents throughout the region are encouraged to fill out the online survey which began on June 12 and will close on June 19. The survey consists of only 12 questions, asking things like whether or not administrates and teachers respond to communication in a timely manner, whether or not the child’s school is safe, and if the parent feels welcome at their child’s school.

All of the questions offer four answer choices which are yes, sometimes, no, or NA. The focus of the survey is on how the parents perceive the five different schools in the region. When taking the survey one must include the school their child attends and the grade the child is in.

If a parent has more than one child the survey can be completed a separate time for each child, specific to that child and their school. The survey is completely anonymous and there are no correct answers however, the school board encourages all parents to answer in order to help the region improve.

All parents who do participate in this surgery are encouraged to answer all of the questions based on their personal feelings and experiences. The survey is part of a continuous process to help students, parents, and school faculty understand how others feel about the schools.

The survey will be running until tomorrow and if anyone is interested in taking it, it can be completed at or can be found through a link on

In order to create a learning environment where students feel safe and parents feel their children are safe it is important that the region gathers this information. The more responses the region receives the more possible it is for them to create schools that meet everyone standards and make both parents and students feel safe.