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Review:: The Great Gatsby


Whether or not a book can really be done justice on the big screen is always a source for an argument.

Baz Luhrmann tried to prove people wrong when he took on the great American classic, The Great Gatsby, and brought it to the big screen.

The hugely renowned classic over the years has been turned into a Broadway classic, and has had several film adaptions.

Back in 2008 it was announced that a new film adaptation was to be made. With unexpected delays the movie made its way to the screen on May 10th 2013.

According to Box Office Mojo in its opening weekend the movie was able to bring in over 50 million dollars. And now it sits in tenth place for best romantic drama movie.

The weekend it came out all across the country there were Gatsby parties in celebration for the new release.

Leonardo DiCaprio, playing Jay Gatsby, graced the screen with what many referred to as an impeccable adaption of Gatsby and his story.

Tobey Maguire best known for his appearance as Spiderman took on the role of Nick Carraway.  Throughout the movie the audience sees the growing friendship between Nick and Gatsby. Both Maguire and DiCaprio showed the close bond the two form in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous work.

The biggest difference between Luhrmann’s adaption compared to the others in the past is it can now be seen in 3D as well as normal 2D.

While Luhrmann used his own creative license with the famous story he still stayed close to the book. With little changes from the original story he was able to embrace the classic in a new way while leaving the most loved characteristics about the story to remain.

What many said would be the toughest thing about turning the book into a movie was how Fitzgerald tells the story through the eyes of Nick looking back. A majority of the story is told through internal dialogue.

Luhrmann clasped onto this idea and through the use of voice over and different techniques he was able to still tell the story through the internal dialogue of Nick’s character.

Luhrmann took a beloved story and brought it to life in a way that is different than ever before.

A book and a movie will never be completely one in the same because each has so many different things to offer.

But Luhrmann was able to take the great American classic and make it new again for the entire world to see.

With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars this movie is one that is not meant to be missed.

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