Video:: Whitney Stow Senior Project


On Tuesday, April 30th Woodland Juniors and Seniors took time out of their B Block class to attend a presentation put together by Whitney Stow for her senior project.

“I did a texting and driving awareness,” stated Stow. “I also had a guy from Survive the Drive come and give a presentation. Then I have a video I made and I have a pledge that people can sign.”

On Tuesday, Bob Green, a representative from Survive the Drive came to talk to Woodland students. Survive the Drive is an independent  non-profit organization that attempts to educate drivers of all ages.

According to the Survive the Drive website, “He focuses the students on the detrimental activity of texting, reading, drinking, phoning and any other activities that remove conscious understanding of the ever-present operational hazards of heavy, moving equipment.”

Stow thinks that this is an important thing to do for students. “I don’t really have a touching story or a real reason [to do this as her senior project], I just feel like it is really important because too many people do it, and like the stupidest thing you could do is text and drive.”

Green hoped that by sharing his own personal experience with distracted driving he would be able to make a difference for someone.

“It really opened up my eyes,” said Junior Taline Agamy. “It made it more real.”

Senior Eric Meir admitted, “It was a good opportunity to tell people why they shouldn’t text and drive.”

Senior Erin Wester also had some things to say after the assembly was over. “He was very passionate about what he did. I thought that it would definitely show that the people care about what they do in their work. It also showed that we really shouldn’t be distracted when driving and that it can cause a lot of damage.