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Moody Monday:: Choosing a Prom Dress

From color to length to size there are a large number of factors that must be accounted for when choosing a prom dress. Although picking a prom dress may be stressful and overwhelming when it comes to prom night a girl is supposed to feel beautiful. In order to feel beautiful, a girl must be confident and happy with the dress they have chosen.

Prior to dress shopping there are a few decisions a girl should make. A list of questions should be answered including the length of the dress, some possible color choices, and whether or not strapless dresses are an option. While one might not know the answer to all of these questions they should at least have an idea prior to entering the store.

Dress shopping can be extremely stressful so, when going to a dress shop one must have an open mind. While the dress may not fit perfectly in the store it is important to remember that this dress can be altered. It can be brought in, shortened, or length can even be added so if the dress does not fit in the store do not give up.

Blue, green, and yellow are just a few color options that one has when picking a dress. Deciding on whether someone wants a bright dress or perhaps something more neutral is all a matter of opinion. While some colors may look better on one’s skin-tone than others that does not mean that all colors are ruled out.

As far as length goes there are three options. A girl can either choose a long, mid-length, or short dress. For prom many people choose to wear long dresses, but that does not mean a long dress is made for everyone. Some people choose to wear a short dress because they feel more comfortable or feel it is more flattering.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a prom dress is straps. There are dresses with two straps, one strap, or no straps at all. Strapless dresses are not an option for everyone as many do not feel comfortable in a strapless dress. If the choice is a strapless dress one must worry about pulling the dress up and keeping it up throughout the night. The one shoulder strap seems to very in style this prom season however, some still refuse to wear this look. The two strap traditional dress can be very nice, but some may think this is a much too modest look. There are different ways straps can be styled, and different ways they can connect with the back of the dress which must be considered as well.

When picking a dress price is a huge factor. Prom dresses prices range from reasonable to extremely expensive. Prior to shopping one should probably have a budget. Since there is such a large variety of dresses there is also a large variety of prices. Therefore, it is highly likely that there will be a dress that one likes in their price range.

Knowing what other girls are wearing to prom can make or break the dress selection. If a girl thinks they have found the perfect dress only to find someone else has chosen the same dress there could a prom. Girls are competitive and always try to out due one another. Therefore, before one goes shopping they should investigate to find what dresses others are wearing.

One of the best things someone can do when they go dress shopping is bring people who are honest. Whether it is a parent, sibling, or friend make sure who ever is giving their opinion can be trusted that they are not just being nice.

Shopping for a prom dress is supposed to be fun, it is the first step to an important night in a girl’s life. Prom night is a night for a girl to feel both confident and beautiful. One of the most important factors to this night is the dress, so as long as the girl is happy with their choice everyone else should be happy for her as well.

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