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Moody Monday:: Living with Technology

Cell phones, iPads, iPods, and a number of other technological devices consume our lives each day. The average eight to eight-yeard old kid spends more than seven and a half hours a day consumed in technology. This technology includes watching tv, being on their cellphones, or listening to music. According to nytimes and addition hour is spent texting and half hour is spent talking on the phone.

While the numbers above are just averages, technology does seem to be taking on an even bigger role in the lives of teenagers today. Children as young as five years-old are getting cellphones and from that moment they become hooked on technology.

From websites like Facebook and Twitter to apps like Instagram and the Vine, a majority of kids have decided to jump on the band-wagon.  Kids today cannot image their lives without these technological innovations that the previous generation was forced to suffer without.

“I spend a lot of time on my cell phone,” said nineteen year-old Emily Matott. “If I get bored in class I take it out, if I want to look something up I take it out. My cell phone is really something I do not think I could live without.”

While many teenagers can relate to Matott there is a minority group who really does not invest their time in technology or social networking. There are still kids who would rather read a book or go outside and talk a walk however, the number of kids in this group is significantly decreasing.

There are a number of positives that come along with technology. From the beginnings of our country technology has worked to improve transportation and communication. Today technologies such as the cell phone and internet allow us to communicate with others all over the world. This is a huge benefit because it allows international businesses to communicate, it allows government officials to communicate, and it evens allows families who may be separated across the country to stay in contact.

Another positive point of technology is the ability to quickly look up information. In classrooms technology has been making an impact. It allows students to access any website and look up any information at any time. While not all teachers allow this those that do encourage students to use their cellphones to enhance their learning.

Even though there are positive effects to technology it is true that the benefits may not outweigh the risks. When using technology their are many risks. Accidentally sending the wrong text, or e-mail to the wrong person could cause a person a lot of trouble. There is also the worry that people may be becoming too dependent on technology. With all this technology people may be beginning to forgot how to think for themselves.

Using too much technology causes people to rely on it at all times. While in small amounts technology is a very useful thing when it is used in abundance it can create a lot of problems. So, WHAT DO YOU THINK IS TECHNOLOGY MORE BENEFICIAL OR MORE HARMFUL? 



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Jim Amato Sr.
Jim Amato Sr.

Technology is a great thing but we become to attach to it. Using the internet, I phones,and others I find kid’s have a hard time with face to face talking. And God forbid you try to have conversation while their playing a video game. Just My two cent’s. The article was very well done keep up the good work.

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