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Moody Monday: The Expense of Prom

infographic_promcostsThe dress, the tux, the flowers, the limo, the tickets, everything about prom is expensive. According to some teens, the more money someone spends on prom the better the experience. Of course prom is a special night of high school student’s life. However, many people question if prom is worth the high cost.

For some parents, the idea of making their daughter’s prom night great comes at any price. According to newyork.cbslocal, in 2012, the average price of a dress was $231. That is just the price of the dress, which does not include the shoes ($45), jewelry ($32), or handbag ($23). Aside from the outfit, girls also need to get their hair ($50), make-up, and nails (combined make-up and nails, $68) done in order to make this night perfect.

In order to take a girl to the prom, a boy must pay a hefty price as well. Two prom tickets, alone, average $125. The limo adds another $100 and the tux and accessories ring-in at about $227. The cost of prom is expensive and not everyone can afford over $1,000 for a prom.

Now while some people claim prom is a once in a life time experience, this is not always true. Some teens go to multiple proms and therefore the price increases even more. A girl going to two different proms cannot wear the same dress to both proms. That means two dresses must be purchased, one for each prom. For a guy going to two proms the cost remains about the same, since they have the ability to wear the same tux to both proms.

Depending on the budget of the class hosting the prom, and the venue they choose to have the prom at can greatly affect the price of prom tickets. The 2012 class at Woodland paid $90 per ticket to attend prom at the Waterview in Monroe. The 2013 class will be paying less for their tickets and will have their prom at the Aquaturf in Southington.

Another hidden expense to going to prom for a guy, is asking the girl to prom. Some common ways girls are asked to prom are with chocolates, dinners, and flowers. All of these items come at a price, and make the prom experience even more costly.

According to denverpost, the average cost of prom in the United States in 2012 was $1,078. However, in New England the price weighed in at an average of $1,944 per person. And every year the price of prom seems to be going up.

Obviously, there are ways to cut back on the cost of prom. It is important for teens to remember that it is not about the cost of their prom, but the memories they make at prom that matter most.

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Alexa Gorman

I love this story idea! I wish you expanded a bit more…you’re making great points!

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