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PHOTOS:: The effects of the Blizzard of 2013

As snow began falling early Friday morning, many people in Connecticut started to realize just how big of an impact the Blizzard of 2013 would have on the state. Now, just a few hours since the storm has ended, Connecticut has been spending their day digging out.

All across the state, residents woke up to a white-out. Tasks that are usually quite simple; getting inside a car, taking the dog for a walk, and opening the front door without a foot of snow flying inside all seemed to be tasks that were quite difficult this morning.

However, after making it out the front door the challenges only seemed to get taller. Throughout the early morning, high winds blew snow around creating drafts anywhere from three to five feet tall. Trying to clear out driveways, and clean-off cars was how most Connecticut Residents spent their day.

Around eleven o’clock this morning Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, announced a road ban for the state. This left all roads  closed until four o’clock this afternoon when the ban was lifted, but drivers were still urged to stay off the road.

Even with the warnings a number of drivers chose to head out anyways. Many of these drivers ended up stuck, stranded, and looking for help.

The high snow totals forced Bradley Airport to close during the storm and remain closed all throughout the day. However, the airport is planning to reopen at 6a.m. tomorrow morning.

Not only was the airport in the state closed, but transportation by both bus and train was suspended throughout the state as well. Both bus and train routes are still uncertain when they will be able to reopen.

Due to all of the road closures, some thought it would be a good to take snowmobiles and ATVs out on the streets. In Connecticut this is not allowed at anytime and in Cheshire two snowmobile riders were ticketed for their actions.

The Blizzard remained over Connecticut for about twenty-four hours dropping high snow amounts across numerous towns. Staffordville was recorded having 31.4 inches of snow, breaking any previous records set in Connecticut. Snow totals across the state ranged from around eleven inches all the way up to forty, which was unofficially reported in Hamden. The snow totals were nothing like Connecticut residents have ever seen before.

“New Hampshire did not get half as much snow as Connecticut,” said Emily Matott, New Hampshire college student. “My mom has been sending me pictures, but I wish I was home because I have never seen so much snow.”

Due not only to the high snow totals, but also the gusty winds a number of towns ended up without power. Over 35,000 Connecticut Residents have been left without power, which CL&P is hoping will be restored by midnight on Monday. Sadly power outages were not the worst thing in the state, the snow created a number of problems and even led to five deaths.

For some who were planning on going to the Bon Jovi concert tonight at Mohegan Sun, the snow really put a damper on their weekend as well. Luckily for them, the concert has been rescheduled for October 25th. Although, for all the people stuck at Mohegan Sun tonight, Bon Jovi still decided to put on a concert for free.

Over the next few days all Connecticut Residents will be working hard to clear the snow. Only time will tell, when the state will finally be able to return to normal.


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