VIDEO:: Blizzard Nemo

Finding Nemo was not a difficult task in Connecticut this morning. As the Blizzard swept in to the state snow began falling around 8am.  Quickly, the snow started sticking to cars and shortly after that pavement surfaces such as driveways began to accumulate snow dust as well. 14 year-old, David Moody, explained why he enjoys the snow.

“I like to come outside and plow and just enjoy the winter weather I guess,” said Moody

Trying to keep up on the snow, Moody started plowing his driveway early this morning and will continue to do so throughout the storm. Just a few hours after the snow began falling, not only was it sticking to cars and driveways, but main roads were becoming covered in snow also. Driver’s appeared to be taking it slow as snow began to pile up on the roads. With the storm expected to pick up throughout the afternoon and evening many are anticipating that the conditions will only get worse. Moody explained what he was expecting from the storm.

“I’m probably expecting high winds, around two feet of snow, maybe a couple power outages,” informed Moody.

Blizzard Nemo is expected to continue throughout the evening and leave behind high totals of snow. This has been Katie Moody WRHSmedia.