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Moody Monday:: Snow in New England

Winter in New England takes its toll most years and this year is proving to be no exception. While last year we suffered from mild conditions with little snow, we seem to resorting the past with the winter we are experiencing this year. With snow falling today and freezing rain expected to come later tonight, snow is on the mind of many New Englanders.

Some of these people enjoy the snow. There is sledding and snow angels and spending time inside with family, or perhaps playing board games and watching movies. For those of the opposite end of the spectrum, who do not like snow, the conditions are not exactly ideal.

These conditions lead to slow drivers, below normal temperatures, and snow days. While snow days may seem like a great thing, in reality they are not so wonderful. If a snow day was simply a day off from school, I’m sure many would be much happier. However, since schools are required to be in session 180 days, snow days are no exception and therefore, they must be made up at the end of the year.

With each snow fall in Connecticut not much seems to change. Many people still fear driving in the snow and the majority of people spend a lot of time complaining about the frigid temperatures. Despite the fact that we experience snow, here in Connecticut, for roughly four out of the twelve months it seems that no one ever actually gets used to the whole “snow thing”.

One big complaint that  comes along with the snow is the shoveling. Well for that matter, simply just removing the snow in general. Do you shovel in the middle of the storm? Throughout the storm? Only after the storm finishes? Well, it all depends on a person’s preference. Either way the snow removal is still going to be a tedious task that it more than likely unenjoyable.

With snow also comes the need for more time. The morning after a snow storm a person must awake extra early in order to ensure they have time to clean off their car before heading to work. Even if a car is cleared off the cold temperatures usually make people awake early to get the heat going before they venture out.

As inches of snow fall from the sky some may find themselves sitting inside watching from the window. Others are driving slowly in the horrific conditions just praying to make it home safely. However, no matter where someone is experiencing the snow or how many times they experience it, snow never seems to become any more enjoyable. Everyone forms either a love or hate relationship with snow in New England. 6a00d8341db04e53ef01310fa3a034970c-pi

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