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The Look for the Good Project


The Look for the Good Project Press Release:: “What makes you grateful? That was the question Anne Kubitsky proposed with the distribution of 500 invitational postcards in her local community in 2011. Back then, Kubitsky’s idea was more of a simple experiment. Today, Anne Kubitsky is the author and illustrator of the The Lookf for the Good Project, a “glimmer of gladness” project that has resulted in thousands of postcards with inspirational messages and artwork from people all over the world.With the help of local fundraising efforts, Kubitsky’s collection of postcards has been displayed in many art galleries and other artistic venues. Her book, What Are You Grateful For? Will contain 200 of these messages, and will be published in November of 2013.”

The Prospect Public Library will be hosting Kubitsky on February 12th at 6:30 p.m. for a special Valentine’s presentation of gladness and gratitude. She will be showing a video followed by discussion, question and answers, and time for artistic reflection. If you wish to attend you must register ahead of time by calling the Prospect Public Library at 203-758-3001 or e-mail them at

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