Moody Monday:: More than you need

Having more than you need, can be a good thing… sometimes. Extra money, and extra time are things everybody could use some more of. However, some things like extra weight is not what many people are striving for.

There are other things too; things people do not really think of until it comes time to put them away somewhere. For example, clothes. Many people have an excess amount of clothes. Or food, is another good example. For many women, shoes, would be a relatable item. And for men, sports memorabilia, may be what comes to mind.

In America there are numerous sayings to describe how great having extra can be. “The more the merrier” and “The bigger the better” are among these popular sayings. But, do we really need all of the items we possess?

Many people take all the things they have for granted. No one stops to think if it is really necessary to have twenty pairs of jeans or fifty different t-shirts. There are only seven days a week and in most house holds wash is done at least a few times a week. So, why is it that American’s are always striving to have an abundance of the items?

People are always trying to impress other people. If someone can own more than someone else it somehow puts them up on a pedestal. They instantly feel better about themselves because well, they can afford more. And while sometimes having more can be a good thing, other times it may seem selfish or unnecessary.

Another problem with having an access amount of certain items, like clothes, is having a place to put them. Storing at least thirty pairs of every possible clothing item is quite a challenge. The challenge is usually solved by simply not putting them anywhere. They kind of just stay where they fall. If a pile of clothes ends up on the desk, it stays there for a while.

The issue of shoes is also quite difficult. This is because there are the extra pairs of shoes you wear all the time, the extra pairs you wear only on special occasions, and the pairs you never wear, but just admire. Finding a place to put all of these shoes is difficult so the remain on the floor. Here they are stepped on, tripped over, and eventually buried under piles of other things.

Excess of things like, food, only lead to excess of other things like, weight. Therefore, more is not always better. While many people do not think about how excess amounts impact their life, it usually only makes it more difficult. If people focused on only buying what they need and giving away what they have extra of, they would be able to make a positive impact on the lives of others and find more room inside of their own homes for the things they do need.