Student Spotlight: Patrick Conway Saves An Infant’s Life

Patrick Conway poses for photo with his mother and sister.
Patrick Conway (right) poses with his mother and sister.

Patrick Conway was eight years old.

He was in a Boy Scout meeting, when suddenly his den leader collapsed from a heart attack.

The young Conway watched as his father saved his Boy Scout leader’s life. It was then that Conway knew that one day he wanted to be able to save someone’s life just like his father had.

But he wasn’t willing to wait to learn life saving skills. So he decided to start his medical training early.

He became certified in CPR and taught students at his middle school how to perform CPR during heath class.

Conway is a medical instructor for his Boy Scout troop where he teaches the Boy Scouts about first aid basics.

“I think CPR and first aid are just important skills to know,” said Conway.

Through the Prospect Police and Fire Cadets, Conway has gotten more firsthand experience in the medical field.

He is a Medical Officer and a Sergeant of the Police Cadets, where he and his fellow cadets help respond to medical calls.

Through the fire cadets, Conway has had the opportunity to become a volunteer member of the Prospect Fire Department.

This past October, all of Conway’s training  finally paid off.

He and his father were driving home one afternoon when a call came over his father’s police dispatcher.  A 14 month old baby was having a febrile seizure, a seizure caused from over heating. The child had been eating French fries and choked and had a seizure at the same time.

When they arrived on the scene the baby had turned completely blue.

Conway and his father along with other Prospect First Responders worked quickly to stabilize the baby.

Conway’s father preformed back blows, a form of infant Heimlich maneuver, on the baby to stop the baby from choking.

Conway himself then cooled the baby down, provided oxygen and took her vital signs before she was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where the baby seized for another 3 hours before being life starred to a children’s hospital.

But thanks to Conway and other Prospect First Responders, the baby was able to make a full recovery.

Conway and the other First Responders were honored at an award ceremony held by the Prospect Mayor last month.

“I’m really thankful that the fire and police cadets gave me the training that I needed to save this baby,” said Conway.

Considering his accomplishments so far, it is no surprise that Conway has a good part of his future planned out.

“I got my EMR license in December and I’m planning on getting my EMT license in April,” said Conway, “I want to go to John Hopkins and become a doctor, an ER physician specifically.”

Until that time comes though, Conway plans on taking as many science classes as he can here at Woodland and a possible medical internship this summer.

“I’m just glad to have this opportunity to start helping people now,” said Conway.