Board of Education Meeting

Board of Education
Makenzie White

On September 26th the Board of Education held a meeting at Community school.
Trish Spofford spoke during public commentary and brought up the issue that athletes at Woodland lack a place to do homework while the wait for their practice to start. The board members found this to be an interesting point and said they would look into it.
Recently there were changes of the no child left behind rule in CT. The accountability system has now changed and the board started to review the changes.
On October 5th there will be a single session day for professional development for the teachers.

Jill Blasi, woodland science department chair, presented the idea tropical marine field study field trip to Honduras or Belize. The board approved for her to move forward with looking into Belize but not Honduras because of all the issues on the main land.
The board also decided to move forward with the idea of POWERSCHOOL. POWERSCHOOL is a system used for scheduling and grades that the schools will start to switch over to this program this fall.

The next board of meeting will be October 10th at Woodland in the media center.