Class of 2013 to hold fundraiser this weekend

This weekend a fundraiser will be held at the Waterbury Barnes and Noble to benefit Woodlands Class of 2013.

From August third to August fifth, Woodlands class officers will be handing out vouchers.

“We’ll (class officers) be handing out vouchers so when you make your purchases in both Barnes and Noble and the Starbucks you’ll present the voucher and a certain percentage of the money you spent will be given to the Class of 2013,” said senior secretary Ainsley McMahon.

Ten percent of each individual profit made from the purchases will

be presented to the Class of 2013 only if the voucher is in hand. Without the voucher, the ten percent will not be given to the class. With the money raised, the class of 2013 can help pay for senior activities like Holiday Hill and prom, both of which are extremely costly.

While looking for some last minute summer reading assignments, students can sip on some of their favorite Starbucks creations. Maybe Fahrenheit 451 isn’t what a student is looking for to end their summer, but a caramel macchiato is always a treat to help swallow the bad medicine. And feel free to “yolo” on the Starbucks snacks; it’s all helping to raise money for the class of 2013.

Speaking of the 2013 class, the class officers also have an extra opportunity for just the seniors.

“As an added incentive for our seniors to come, the class officers will be selling the senior t- shirts at a discounted price!,” said McMahon.

During this fundraiser, the t- shirts will be sold for ten dollars rather than fifteen.

But, this event is not just for the senior class. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to come including students, faculty and staff, friends, parents and siblings– young and old. Not only will there be hundreds of books to read through, the younger children can find themselves entertained by the class officers.

“We will be having story time and arts and crafts time during this event,” stated McMahon.

While some are creating scary monsters during arts and crafts and some are enjoying their favorite chocolate frappachino with a side of literature, it is certain that everyone will be occupied.

So head on out and take a trip to the Barnes and Noble, pick up a voucher, a couple of great reads, and a refreshing coffee drink this weekend. The Class of 2013 appreciates all efforts.