Bio Sand Filters for India

By Katie Drewry

Here in America, anytime of the day or night we can turn on a facet and instantly have clean, fresh, hot or cold water.

But in other parts of the world people are not as lucky. That’s why Woodland’s Interact Club has started their Bio Sand Filters for India fundraiser. It costs thirty-two dollars to provide a family of up totwelve people with a Bio-Sand water filter.

When you pour dirty water in the filter, the sand catches the particles that would otherwise make the water unsafe.

“We may not know it, but water quality is a world-wide issue,” said Interact Club President, Seth Stevens. “Many people get infections and illness from dirty water.”

In order to help, Interact Club members will be collecting money during advisory every Tuesday and Thursday. The advisory that raises the most money, will be rewarded with a pizza party at the end of the fundraiser.

“Water is something we really take for granted,” said Stevens. “We are just trying to help those who don’t have it, one drop at a time.”