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Strand Theater Looking To Be Renovated

The Strand Movie Theater in Seymour has been around for quite some time. Since 1920, it has been standing strong while providing the valley with a different style of a movie theater.

It is one of the few buildings that are still in their original form from way back when.

However, just recently the Strand Theater had some destruction. A flood came upon the theater as a pipe burst from the upstairs of the building. It has caused severe damage of the place.

The water damaged the screen that the movies are played on as well as the ticket booth. Another major destruction was that the ceilings actually caved in in some places.

Seymour has an Arts and Culture Commission which has seven members. They are working to get the Strand Theater back and running.

It will not be too easy though because of the horrific damage that has happened.

They are currently working to try to raise 150,000 dollars to help restore the historic place.

The most important problems in the theater have been fixed allowing the theater to reopen.

Not only are commission members working to restore damages, but also to change some of the older posters on the walls and the restrooms.

The Strand Theater is not just a place to go see a movie. It has turned into a part of Seymour having been around for so many years.

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