Snow Makes Slippery Commute

Snow Days
By Kristina Diurno and Jordan Tolnay

This morning at Woodland Regional High School, as students and faculty were making their way up the driveway something was not quite right. There was still snow covering most of the driveway coming up the hill to Woodland and also in the parking lots.

There was also still snow plows taking care of the enormous amount of snow at Woodland. Many teachers were concerned with their own safety as well as the students.

The school clearly was not taken care of good enough in order for the students and faculty to commute to school at the regular time today [7:35].

As Woodland has had the past two days off from school, it seemed surprising to many people that the snow plows were still working on the school as people were making their way to school.

Perhaps Woodland should have had a 90 minute delay in order to take care of the safety issues that the parking lot and driveway were left with. Naugatuck Public Schools had no school for the third row in a day today because of the dangerous side walks that were left unsalted and taken care of. Waterbury Public Schools also had a 90 minute delay.

If Woodland had a 90 minute delay, the plows could have done their work without all of the commotion of buses and cars navigating throughout the parking lot. Starting school at 9:00 would have led to a safer commute for many.

There is an understanding that we do need to get back to school. After all, midterms are coming up. The start of midterms is now being pushed to Wednesday, January 19th due to the two snow days.