Wind Blows Student Drivers and Buses Off Course

   Extreme winds and rain have been ravaging the Naugatuck Valley all day.

   So much so that a tree fell across the road right out in front of Woodland Regional High School this afternoon.

   When Dr. Frank, school principal, came on to the loudspeaker at approximately two o clock this afternoon, he told students about the tree.

   “For those students that are driving home, you must take the immediate right at the end of the Woodland driveway,” said Frank over the loudspeaker.

   Students and buses were required to make the first right at the end of Woodlands driveway onto Back Rimmon Road where they then had to drive to the top of the hill, take a left and go down Rimmon Hill.

   This put students, faculty, and buses right back onto Pines Bridge Rd., the road that leads into the center of Beacon Falls.

   The Beacon Falls Fire Department closed a section of Pines Bridge Rd. this afternoon after the large tree fell across it.

   Traffic going north on Pines Bridge, coming from Oxford, was blocked by a Beacon Hose Fire Truck and  drivers coming from that direction were ordered to turn around or to take the right onto Back Rimmon Rd. by a Fire Policemen, whose job it is to direct traffic at major fire and medical calls.

   It has been raining in Beacon Falls since late last night with heavy winds bringing down tree branches, leaves, and even whole trees themselves all over town.

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