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The WCSOA Award, Western Recipient, Jim Farrar

The Western Connecticut Swimming Officials Association recently awarded the Woodland Boys Varsity Swim team the Jim Farrar Sportsmanship award.

The award, named for Jim Farrar, local coach and official for years, is voted on by all the coaches in the association. It is presented to the one high school swim team, which showed impeccable sportsmanship through their regular season.

“It’s a delight to give the award,” said Tom Dooley, Farrar Award presenter. “We give it to a boy’s team, and a girl’s team.”

William Gerard, senior swim captain, noted that his team was honored. “I’m very proud of my teammates,” said Gerard, “and I wish them luck next year.”

Tim Korzinski, echoed Gerard’s sentiment. “[The season] was exciting. I’m going to miss my team a lot next year.”

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