The Art of Moshing

For some, going to a concert is less about having fun, as it is surviving. Some love the continuous pain of repeatedly being bashed in the face and body steel-toed boots and the fists of angry, enthused fans.

I have had my fair share of senseless beatings in these pits. But the intensity of a mosh, depends on the genre of music in question.

For a pop-punk band, the mosh might just be a pit of people squished uncomfortably in a small space, making moving hard and dangerous (you don’t want to fall, because you’re never getting back up)

Then there is the SKA show, were the mosh is a little bit more intense. The fans wear steel-toed and bash their feet into your legs, in a dance called “skanking”. Skanking consists of a “running man” motion of the legs to the beat while alternating bent-elbow fist-punches, left and right. When you leave, your shins will be barely recognizable.

Alas, there is the screamo/thrash metal show. These mosh pits are sometimes lethal. The audience members take part in an activity called “hardcore dancing”, where they wave punches to beat people to the ground and then bash them when they’re on the floor.

These concerts are when the surviving aspect comes into play. Some fans leave with broken bones and black-eyes.

The appeal of moshing has never been clear to me, yet every concert I find myself being bashed and bashing others.