Thanksgiving Feasts

For Thanksgiving, which is coming up on November 26th, many families have different foods to satisfy their hunger. For some, a nice roasted turkey fresh coming out of the oven. Or for others, maybe a honey-smoked ham. Here are some ideas to add to your Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for the many reasons. At around 11, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade takes place. Families like watching all of the different types of balloons, bands, and floats patrolling the streets of New York. After all of that, the men in the family plop down on the couch to watch some Thanksgiving Day football. And even later, the food comes into play, pig-out time is in order. Speaking of food…..

In most polish families, they make a delicious food, you have probably heard of it, pierogies. Pierogies are big pieces of pasta with huge pockets that hold different types of ingredients such as cheese and meat. They are usually topped with chopped, fried onions. Sometimes, pierogies are filled with berries such as peaches, apples, and blueberries, but those are mostly for dessert.

Speaking of dessert, families can surprise you in what they can produce. A bunch of mothers and grandmothers make apple pies, blueberry pies, sweet potato pies, and a worldwide favorite, pumpkin pie. Other desserts include banana pudding and dirt, which is a fantastic creation, made up of crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream, sometimes added with gummy worms.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for three reasons: 1. All the children are excited because they have no school. 2. Football 3. All the incredible foods that families gulp down.
Mostly people don’t get to have turkey and pie and stuffing on normal days, but on Thanksgiving, people act like animals. Thank the Pilgrims for that.
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