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Woodland Hawks Fly Past Kennedy

The Kennedy Girls Volleyball team gave the Woodland girls a taste of their medicine in the first match of the total four game match. Woodland eagerly came back with three wins.
Starting off the game for Woodland were Seniors Kaiti Lembo, Emily Hutvagner, Desiree Duby, Lindsey Wirsing, and Stephanie Badale. Junior Jessica Patrizi closed the starting lineup.
In the first match, Kennedy dominated the match to end with a score of 25-15.
Despite being beat in the first match, the Woodland Hawks kept their heads up high and did not lose hype. They found back to win the second match with a close score of 25-23. Although it was close, the Hawks came through.

The girls did not lose momentum and again beat Kennedy with a dominating score of 25-15.
For the final match of the game, both Woodland and Kennedy fought hard, but Woodland came out with the win, a close 25-23 win that closed the game.
Junior Patrizi has an impressing 39 assists throughout the four-match game.
Woodland Seniors Lembo and Barnett provided Woodland with a combined total of 23 kills.
Even though Kennedy started the game, Woodland finished it. Nothing was stopping the Woodland girls, they remained calm and played volleyball to the best of their ability to dominate the three last matches and come out with a 3-1 edge over Kennedy.

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